Webinar “Machine Learning, Outliers & CaseWare IDEA”

Webinar “Machine Learning, Outliers & CaseWare IDEA”


This webinar intends to highlight one of the advanced data analytic features released with CaseWare IDEA Version 11 – the unsupervised machine-learning algorithm: outliers.


The outlier algorithm encompasses two techniques: the Local Outlier Factor (LOF) and the Isolation Forest (ISF).


The algorithm is included in the IDEA-subscription and can be downloaded via the IDEA Lab portal accessible within CaseWare IDEA.


Other advanced data analytic algorithms available in IDEA Lab are Fuzzy Join, Range Join and Panda Profiling. More machine learning and advanced data analytic algorithms will be added in due time.



  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • What is Machine Learning (ML)
  • What are Outliers
  • Outliers & CaseWare IDEA



  • This Webinar will be presented in English and take approx. 60 minutes
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