Webinar “IDEA 11: IDEAScripts & Advanced Analytics” (UPDATED)

Webinar “IDEA 11: IDEAScripts & Advanced Analytics” (UPDATED)


This webinar aims to highlight the use of IDEAScripts and advanced data analytics algorithms in CaseWare IDEA.



Although users may create their own IDEAScripts, CaseWare also offers users access to the “IDEAScript Vault” where existing scripts are available.

The IDEAScript Vault has many ready-to-use scripts such as calculating the running total of a numeric field, copy headers from one database to another, filling empty cells in a column (e.g. Excel spreadsheets that have been configured as a report), export multiple IDEA database to e.g. Excel, Access, Text or PDF.


IDEA Lab provides working prototypes of advanced analytical algorithm written in IDEAScript or Python. These include Outliers, Fuzzy Join, Range Join and Panda Profiling among many others.

IDEA Lab also provides other IDEA-related resources such as SmartAnalyzer Apps.

  • This Webinar will be presented in English and take approx. 60 minutes
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